Investment Research Services

Specialized Consulting Services

Our professionals at Unconventional Energy Research Ltd (“UER”) are very knowledgeable about the North American oil and gas industry. Knowledge and experience provide the basis for accurate interpretations of companies and their asset performances.

Assessment of Energy Companies

UER provides a sober second thought about investment prospects when considering prevailing market views. We will provide an opinion if a company is likely to earn returns appropriate to the risks taken.

A detailed forensic analysis of all data obtained from internal and external resources along with regulatory agencies is used by UER. We assess the actual performance versus market expectations or to other forecasts pertaining to E&P companies.

High Integrity

The investment research process maintains the highest level of integrity supported by accurate data interpretation that is transparent and authentic. This helps to determine whether corporate or asset estimates are realistic and achievable.

As corporate reporting may influence public market values versus reports based on underlying fundamentals, UER’s analysis may run counter to the consensus. This perspective assists clients in making informed investment decisions based on an assessment of risk and reward.

Specialized Custom Reports (Fee for Service)

  • Asset valuations
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Individual groups of companies