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Unconventional Energy Research Ltd (“UER”) provides independent, energy investment research. UER covers north American exploration and production (“E&P”) companies. All research is focused on the value of a company’s assets. We are a highly specialized and dedicated team of investment professionals providing independent oil and gas investment research.

Investment Analysis

An extensive analysis of each company’s financial securities is captured in our research. By considering the capital structure, fundamental petroleum economics are incorporated such as technical engineering and geological perspectives on each major segment of a producer’s assets.

Investment Ideas

UER’s universe coverage consists of over 100 North American E&P companies. The quality of our research and unique insights have earned UER a strong reputation. UER is highly respected for providing investment ideas and recommendations that bring results.


Unconventional Energy Research Ltd.  has more than forty years of oil and gas industry experience in both the buy and sell side. UER has been recognized by its peers (Brendan Woods, Greenwich, and Institutional Investor) for our independent oil and gas investment research and analysis.

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