We Are 100% Independent

Unconventional Energy Research Ltd (“UER”) coverage offers information on 100+ North American E&P producers. It varies in market capitalizations for both Canada and the US. Our information provides a broadened view which is needed for accurate and comparable analysis.

Independent means 100% Independent

  • No – Investment banking
  • No – Financing
  • No – Trading services

Our clients require accurate research information they can rely on. Solid investment research insights assists our clients in making informed decisions and a solid return on their investment in our research.

Broad & Detailed Coverage of the N. A. Energy Universe

Are you concerned about the quality and independence of investment research in the capital markets arena?

Is the focus of the research coverage you are receiving too narrow?

Is research related only to specific regions within the U.S., Canada, or a specific sub-sector or basin?

Do you receive research covering only the public equity sector?  What about private or fixed income alternative investments?

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Independent Analysis of Energy Investment Opportunities
Independent Analysis of Energy Related Investments
Independent Analysis of Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities