Asset Valuation

In-depth Security Analysis

Unconventional Energy Research Ltd (“UER”) research coverage encompasses the North American oil and gas basins that interest most investors. UER specializes in asset valuation along with in-depth security analysis and fundamental petroleum economics.

Independent Asset Valuation

Strict independence eliminates all conflict that is often associated with traditional sell side research.

  • NO investment banking relationships
  • NO equity or debt financing conflicts of interest
  • NO sales and trading activities or solicitation
  • Investment assessments are fact-based on market realities and fundamental analysis
  • Investment opinions have facts and insights which may provide a different view than market consensus

Comparing Investment Opportunities

UER creates models that allow clients to compare investment valuations on an “apples-to-apples” basis. The methodology employed provides consistent and comparable results of companies and assets across a broad research universe.

UER’s research reports allow comparisons between US and Canada based companies by helping clients understand the following.

  • Differences in regulatory practices in reserve reporting
  • Financial accounting practices and disclosure
  • Production disclosure and regulatory reporting