Investment Opportunities Analysis

Unconventional Energy Research Ltd (“UER”) evaluates investment opportunities for clients by providing intelligent investment analysis using proprietary models, analytics and data bases. Our universe coverage extends to over 100 upstream North America E&P companies.

The Approach

  • What is the security worth and how does the capital structure affect value?
  • Where are producers spending their capital and what are expected returns?
  • What is an individual well and reservoir performance, associated decline rates and expected reserves?
  • How does the quality of a producer’s assets compare to their peers?
  • What is the potential upside, downside, risks and rewards of the corporate strategy?
  • Which part of the capital structure (debt versus equity) offers the best return in relation to the risks and rewards?

The Investment Insight

  • Financial modelling and forecasts
  • Project analysis and long-term development plans
  • Basin & well economics
  • Asset valuation and cross capital structure risk reward
  • Capital efficiency and effective decline analysis
  • Peer comparison, ranking, and benchmarking
  • Consulting and special projects

The Research

  • Well performance, reservoir analysis and expected financial returns.
  • Capital efficiency analysis – how much will it cost to add production and what are the natural decline rates of production
  • Assessment of value for the underlying corporate securities
  • Individual producer financial analysis and forecasts

Ongoing analysis of major producing hydrocarbon basins.

  • Conventional
  • Oil sands
  • Unconventional tight
  • Shale oil
  • Gas plays
UER Analyses Investment Opportunities in the Energy Sector
UER Analyses Investment Opportunities in Pipe LInes
UER Analyses Investment Opportunities in Oil & Gas Transportation