Our Speciality is Asset Valuation

Unconventional Energy Research clients represent a wide array of interest in the energy research we provide. Included are strategies dedicated to Equity, Debt, Commodity, Long-Only and Long/Short & Hedged data. We specialize in asset valuation which combines security analysis with fundamental petroleum economics.

Our Top 10 Clients

  • Combined, manage capital of approximately $7 trillion
  • Represent largest global asset managers
  • Broader client base manages assets of less than $1B to over $1 trillion under management. Our median client manages capital of over $30bn – typically with a large portion dedicated to active energy investment strategies (10-20% of portfolio based on sector weights)

Investment strategies include those dedicated to the following.

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Commodity
  • Long-Only
  • Long/Short & Hedged

    Capital Pools

    We provide energy sector research covering some of the largest capital pools globally, including the following.

    • Pension Funds
    • Mutual funds
    • Hedge funds
    • Private equity
    • Family offices
    • Board of Directors and Management