About Us

Highly Specialized and Experienced Energy Investment Analysts

Unconventional Energy Research Ltd (“UER”) is led by a team of highly specialized energy investment analysts. As a result, we have decades of experience creating quality research for institutional investors. UER research provides unbiased analysis for the identification and recommendation of investment opportunities in North American upstream oil and gas companies.

Why Engage UER Investment Analysts?

    • Independent—not affiliated with any financial institutions
    • 50+ years of energy research experience – buy and sell side
    • Capital markets and investment banking experience
    • Research that will aide in confirming an investment decision
    • Affordable pricing on a subscription platform
    • Current, timely and accurate research
    • Customized reports available upon request

UER’s institutional-quality reports assess the risks and rewards associated with specific investments from a wide range of security analysis perspectives. Consequently, the company provides a comprehensive range of research providing in-depth comparability between individual securities across the capital structure of a single producer. Because we provide a strong network of external industry experts, along with an internal technical team we provide our clients with proprietary information. The result? Research that speaks for itself.

Our Clients

Unconventional Energy Research serves institutional investors who manage some of largest capital pools in North America. As a result, many long-term clients view UER as their personal research arm by providing sector expertise and analytical services.

Clients Include: 

… portfolio managers, financial institutions, board of directors, corporate executives and other sophisticated institutional investors .

Sophisticated Clientele demanding Expertise with Material Ownership, Investment, and presence in the Energy Sector.

Energy Investment Analysts Researching Oil & Gas Opportunities
Energy Investment Analysts Researching Return on Investment
Energy Investment Analysts Researching Energy Related Investment Opportunities

Business Philosophy

“UER aligns research strategies with the needs of its clients. We develop mutual trust and transparency by providing quality independent research that brings positive results. Helping our clients achieve their goals builds long-term relationships based on a strong foundation.”